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Missile Defender Released & Published!

February 27
by anegri 27. February 2011 20:33

After two months of tweaking, optimizing and re-doing some of the graphics the final beta the full game has been finally released!  It plays great, it looks great and it feels like a great game for the WebOS App Catalog... I will be publishing a Lite version of the game soon and based on player feedback I will update the game if issues are found.  This is my first app published and it has taken a lot of effort to get it to where it is today, I am very exited about it and I think the work has paid off!


Eye Candy of Missile Defender





December 30
by anegri 30. December 2010 17:32

Last night I decided to take a plunge and try out haXe, I used to do AS a while back and have used it on e-learning side projects here and there.  Action Script, if you are a programmer, is really easy use and haXe is based on it.  I create a blank screen project that printed "Hello World", but I was able to compile two versions one for the flash player and another one for the palm pre!  I am planning on making a simple game to try it out and maybe port it to both the android and the iphone platforms.  I will post more on this once I have a plan!


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Missile Defender Final Final Beta

December 28
by anegri 28. December 2010 18:58

I just released last night/this pas morning the final beta for missile defender on the beta catalog for the palm store!  I had to address some bugs along with a set of features that seemed to be almost requirements by all the reviews/feedback I received.  I am one step away from actually charging for the game!  I am however pending on updated reviews from my loyal beta users... did I mentioned I have currently about 10K downloads on the beta?  This last release added the following:

  1. Level selection Shank style!
  2. Hardcore game mode (from level one to the end of the game).
  3. User name setup screen.
  4. New control mode, lots of complains on the drag to fire so I added the tap to fire based on a selected SAM.
  5. Updated graphics (I am trying to evolve the theme of the game as much as I can).


Last Beta before final release

September 24
by anegri 24. September 2010 20:48


This is the last Beta before the final release of Missile Defender for the Palm Pre and Pixi.  The progress has been very slow on polishing the game and some features were tweaked as well as the controls were redone for the last beta.  The accelerometer did not seem to suit most of the game play so I changed it to dragging gestures as opposed to tapping the screen.  The global hidh scores are up and working.

The final release will include the following:

  • 24 Total levels.
  • 2 more types of missiles.
  • 2 more types of enemies.
  • Missing graphics for the explosions.
  • Redone graphics for levels.

New Missile Defender Instructions!

September 17
by anegri 17. September 2010 18:35

Set of new instructions for the game based on the new control interface... here is a look:


This includes new enemies, such as the J6 fighter and the cluster ICBM.

Missile Defender Update, Profile and such

September 07
by anegri 7. September 2010 18:32

For score tracking I have now added a profile screen, this will keep the player name stored and it will be displayed only the first time the game is launched.  The player will be able to post its score automatically without a the dialog during the game and the results of daily position will be tracked as well as the all time score.  Other updates are new instructions for the new firing mechanism and game interaction,  change in options section to allow player name change, new type of airplane, new type of enemy ICBM.  These updates are not completed yet, but are soon to be released on the last beta.

A level bug has been fixed as well, and the accelerometer feature might be removed... I have not been using the accelerometer since the new firing mechanism seems better and more interactive.

Missile Defender fixes and additions

September 02
by anegri 2. September 2010 20:20

Now I have two types of explosions, land and air explosions, and some of the issues with regards to missile targeting has been resolved.  Last fix before the last beta release will be the shape/form of the score submission... still working on the details.  I had it as a dialog, but I am still working the design details... might change that to use a profile like system.  Screen shot comming soon...

Pixi resolution for Missile Defender

August 26
by anegri 26. August 2010 18:34

The Palm Pixi is now supported in Missile Defender, little things changed like the big button for the middle SAM Site.

Some minor tweaks on button positioning will be required or re-positioning of the ammo meter on the left of the SAM sites.

Missile Defender Update

August 25
by anegri 25. August 2010 18:34

Finally was able to finished optimizing the performance of the Missile Defender WebOS game, at least to minimize garbage collection during playtime.  Based on user feedback the controls have been modified as well and noticed that the fast accelerometer kills performance as well.  The new method is to drag from a SAM site to the desire location to where the missile should explode, the mechanics are much better on the phone.   The game play levels have been change and I am aiming at having 5 training levels and 24 survival levels (hopefully campaign style).  I also added a new type of explosion for the planes, but still need to add typing to the explosions so that I can roll in the land explosion sprites.


Next step will be formatting the resolution so that it works on the Pixi and perhaps implement duff's device to further enhance loop optimization.

Is Alive

January 24
by anegri 24. January 2010 09:00

Finally the site is up and running... more to come soon!