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Missile Defender Update

August 25
by anegri 25. August 2010 18:34

Finally was able to finished optimizing the performance of the Missile Defender WebOS game, at least to minimize garbage collection during playtime.  Based on user feedback the controls have been modified as well and noticed that the fast accelerometer kills performance as well.  The new method is to drag from a SAM site to the desire location to where the missile should explode, the mechanics are much better on the phone.   The game play levels have been change and I am aiming at having 5 training levels and 24 survival levels (hopefully campaign style).  I also added a new type of explosion for the planes, but still need to add typing to the explosions so that I can roll in the land explosion sprites.


Next step will be formatting the resolution so that it works on the Pixi and perhaps implement duff's device to further enhance loop optimization.